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Filtering half mask FFP2 NR for children (5 pieces)


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For children from 6 -14 years.

Particle filtering half mask provides effective protection against fine dust and aerosols. It offers many advantages especially for children due to its special wearing comfort, the ideal fit and the high breathability.

Dermatologically tested and latex free
The high-quality respirator has been dermatologically tested with the quality rating “very good” and is latex-free. It is therefore suitable for the sensitive skin of children and allergy patients.

Wearing comfort for spectacle wearers
The flexible nose clip and internal comfort sealing strip ensure that the mask fits snugly. This prevents warm air from escaping towards the goggles and thus reduces annoying fogging.

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Dermatest seal

Product contains: 5 piece

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Dermatest seal

Paricle filtering FFP2 NR half mask for children from 6 - 14 years.

  • Particle filtration efficiency (PFE): ≥ 94%
  • 4-ply made of high quality nonwoven fabric
    1. Super soft nonwoven fabric (35g/m²)
    2. Melt blown electret nonwoven fabric (25g/m²)*.
    3. Melt blown electret nonwoven fabric (25g/m²)*.
    4. Nonwoven fabric (60g/m²)
  • Comfortable inner sealing strip
  • Flexible noseband made of double metal strip
  • Durable ear loops (up to 20kg counterweight) made of comfortable material
  • Tested according to the requirements of the European standard EN 149:2001+A1:2009
  • Latex free

* The nonwoven fabric is treated with a special "water electret" process. This achieves three times the electrostatic absorption capacity of the conventional "static electret" process. This means that with our process, a significantly higher and constant filter efficiency is achieved over the entire wearing period.

Additional information

Weight 0.038 kg
Dimensions 22.5 × 14 × 2 cm


The FFP2 respirator meets the requirements of the European Standard EN 149:2001+A1:2009, filtering half masks for protection against particles. Performance tests in this standard include filter permeability, flammability, breathing resistance, and total inward leakage.
In addition, the dolomite dust test was performed. Thus, the respirator has a very high absorption capacity, reliable filter performance and a longer service life.


Filtering Half Mask Protection class
NR Non Reusable

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