Infrared forehead thermometer

Contactless infrared forehead thermometer with fever alarm and memory function – fast, accurate and easy to use. Ideal for measuring the body temperature of adults, children and infants. It can be used indoors and outdoors and is also suitable for measuring object temperatures.

The thermometer is equipped with a backlight for use in the dark and a convenient automatic shut-off. The color-coded display with its three color warning levels allows easy interpretation of temperature readings.


  • Measurement of body and object temperatures
  • Fast measurement in just one second
  • Three colored warning levels (green, orange, red)
  • Automatic shutdown after 60 seconds
Disyplay LCD-Digitalanzeige
Messstellen Stirn- und Objektoberflächen
Messbereiche Körpermodus: 32,0°C – 43,0°C (89,6°F – 109,4°F)
Objektmodus: 0,0 – 100,0°C (32,0°F – 212,0°F)
Betriebsumfeld Körpermodus: 10,0°~40,0°C/50,0°F~104,0°F
Objektmodus: 5°C~40,0°C/41,0°F~104,0°F
Temperatureinheit °C / °F
Messeinheit 0,1°C / 0,1°F
Messdauer 1 Sekunde
Speicherfunktion Speicherung des letzten Messwertes
Stromquelle 2 Stück AAA Alkaline-Batterien
Automatisches Ausschalten Nach 60 Sekunden
Gewicht ca. 95g (exklusive Batterien)
Maße 95 x 45 x 155 mm
Batterielebensdauer ca. 500 Temperaturmessungen
Lieferumfang Thermometer, Bedienungsanleitung, Schutzbeutel, Batterien