Medical respirator type II

3-ply blue type II medical respirator with high bacterial filtration performance and excellent breathability. The respirator is used for optimal protection of patients and staff in the medical environment to prevent the transmission of pathogens with breathing.

The respirator helps prevent the spread of infectious diseases through sneezing and coughing, helping to reduce the risk of spreading infection, especially in epidemic or pandemic situations.



  • 3-layer made of high quality non-woven fabric for comfortable wear, high breathability and high filter efficiency:
    1: Soft nonwoven fabric (25g/m²)
    2: Melt blown electret nonwoven fabric (25g/m²)*.
    3: Nonwoven fabric (25g/m²)
  • Resistant** ear tabs made of soft cotton
  • Comfortable noseband
  • Latex and glass fiber free

* The nonwoven fabric is treated with a special “water electret” process. This achieves three times the electrostatic absorption capacity of the conventional “static electret” process. This means that with our process, a significantly higher and constant filter efficiency is achieved over the entire wearing period.
** Resistant up to 10 Newton (= approx. 10 kg) counterweight.

Bacterial filter performance (BFE): ≥ 98%;
Breathing resistance: < 40 (Pa/cm²)
Microbiological purity: ≤ 30 (KBE/g)
Three-layer protective coating
Flexible noseband with metal strip
Elastic ear loop
Article 00104 50 pieces (10×5) box
Article 00106 5 piece bag
Article 00107 10 piece bag

The respirator complies with the European standard EN 14683:2019+AC:2019. The standard verifies the following performance requirements to ensure a quality standard: Bacteria filtration efficiency (BFE), pressure differential to measure breathing resistance, and splash resistance pressure.