Deep breath.

With the air purifiers of the Pro-series.

Effective against pollen, mites and fine dust

Removes odors

High performance for permanent use

The Pro-series air purifiers are true powerful units

Powerful air filtration

Both air purifiers have a 5-stage filter system that efficiently filters particles from the air.

Highly sensitive air sensors

An integrated PM2.5 sensor measures and monitors the fine dust particles per m³ contained in the air with diameters smaller than 2.5 μm.

Cleans large rooms efficiently

The Pro series cleans the air automatically, quickly and thoroughly from up to a room volume of 1000 m³.

Quiet operation despite continuous use

The air purifiers even have a sleep mode due to their particularly quiet operation at minimum speed level.

Smart home support

Both air purifiers have a 5-stage filter system that efficiently filters particles from the air.

Fresh and clean air thanks to the Pro series air purifiers

Humans spend at least two-thirds of their lives indoors. The quality of indoor air plays an important role in our health. It contributes significantly to the increase of physical and mental performance as well as well-being.

The Pro series air purifiers from DK medical not only capture the harmful particles and annoying odors, but also ensure optimal air quality. In addition, they form an effective protection to prevent infection with viruses and bacteria from the air in the room.

Effective performance

Air is drawn in by a very quiet fan on both sides of the unit and transported through a 5-stage filtration and purification system. It is then cleaned and sterilized at the top and blown out again. Depending on your needs, you can switch the sterilization mode (UVC lamp and photocatalyst) on or off.

Promotes health and increases well-being. The integrated plasma ionizer produces negative ions. This stimulates the metabolism, improves blood circulation and the immune system, reduces symptoms of allergies, asthma and headaches, and promotes the reduction of stress and fatigue. Completely harmless.

Level 1


Filters especially coarse particles from the air, such as dust, animal hair and pollen.

Level 2

HEPA filter (H14)

Efficiently filters remaining microparticles and allergens, such as pollen and mites.

Level 3

Activated carbon filter

Absorbs foul odors, such as smoke, as well as particles and gaseous pollutants.

Level 4


Kills highly effective pathogens and germs, such as bacteria and viruses.

Level 5

Plasma Ionizer

Binds remaining minute dirt particles and aerosols and traps them in the unit.

Cleaning & Disinfection – All in one.

Effective against viruses

Viruses spread quickly in poorly ventilated and heavily trafficked areas. Infections can be dangerous, even life-threatening.

Eliminates bacteria

According to studies, bacteria can almost consistently be detected in indoor air measurements. Infections can lead to numerous diseases.

Neutralizes odors

Odors, such as from cigarettes and animals are everywhere and affect the well-being and can also be harmful to health.

Removes pollen

Pollen can make life difficult for allergy sufferers – especially outside but also indoors you are not safe from them.

Filters dust

A constant companion that cannot be avoided. Coarse and fine dust, can cause allergic and toxic reactions and be carcinogenic.

Strong against mites

The small arachnids are found almost everywhere. Health damage, especially allergies and dermatological diseases are the result.

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